Brush Busters Basics

Brush Buster Basics

March 14, 2019
5:30 – 7:30 PM (dinner included)
$20 if you register before March 11th
$25 registration fee at the door
Pre-Register HERE or by calling 830-774-7591



Brush Busters is a cooperative program of the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Service to expedite the adoption of Tactical Brush Management Systems (TBMS) technology. Brush Busters
methods are easily understood, even by those with little or no previous experience in brush control. We recommend only “select” treatments capable of killing at least 7 out of 10 of the plants treated. Brush Busters methods make every attempt to keep equipment costs and complexity to a minimum, and whenever possible, to use non-restricted herbicides. One-page pamphlets are available from most County Extension offices that describe, in a simple 3-step process, the Brush Busters control methods for mesquite, pricklypear and cedar.

Here are 5 Reasons to Make Attending Brush Busters Basics A Priority!
1- Brush Busters stresses the use of individual plant treatments to:
-Reduce costs.
-Reduce the quantity of herbicide released in the environment.
-Improve the level of control obtained.
-Avoid the need to use expensive broadcast treatments that “paint with a broad brush”.
-Extend the life of broadcast treatments when used.
-Sculpture the landscape to meet specific management goals.
2 – Dr. Morgan Tredwell, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Range Specialist will be here to help answer all your brush management questions.
3- Brush has been considered a major management problem facing landowners for year. Brush control will help increase your grass production which in turns allows for better livestock management, decrease soil erosion and water run off for a healthier range land!
4 – 2 General CEUs are available for producers who have their private applicators license.
5 – Learn about all the new products and research out there to make achieving your brush management goals easier.

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