Val Verde 4-H Feeding Facilities

Val Verde 4-H Feeding Facilities

It is time to start thinking about purchasing your project for the Val Verde Junior Livestock Show as well as major stock shows! If you are planning on keeping your animals at the 4-H livestock barn please fill out the Livestock Project Form Below. It is a privilege that we have a county feeding facility. There are many counites across the state where youth do not have this opportunity. We ask that you remember this is a privilege and we want many generations of 4-Hers to have access to, so please help us by taking care of your space, livestock and by cleaning up after yourself.

  • The livestock project is designed to teach responsibility and work ethic – we have received many questions in regards to our maintenance man’s responsibilities at the livestock barn. Our county maintenance man does not travel to every 4-H members barn in the county to clean and take care of their facilities – our maintenance man will support the efforts of our 4-H families that house their livestock at the barn, however please do not expect to have a maid.
  • Pen Space: Pen space will be assigned as we have room. Each pen can easily hold up to 4 animals – we will not be able to accommodate the requests of 1 -2 head per a pen for individual feeding purposes. If you need to individually feed  your animals you can halter and tie or building a feeding shoot to separate and feed your animals. We will assign pens based upon number of head, number of like species – and hopefully only one family per a pen.
  • Trash: Please take all bulk trash to the dumpster. Do NOT put feed sacks, boxes, or supplement buckets in the trash barrel. The trash barrel is available for small trash only … if it is full please help out by taking it to the dumpster.
  • Running Livestock: We have a track and large open pens behind the pens if you would like to exercise your livestock. PLEASE DO NOT EXERCISE OR RUN YOUR LIVESTOCK IN THE ALLY!
  • Scales: There is a set of scales for you to weigh your livestock at the end of the tack row outside.
  • Tack Pens: Each 4-H Family will be assigned a pen to keep all your tack and feed inside.
  • Doors: PLEASE KEEP ALL GATES AND DOORS CLOSED AT THE BARN to keep the pigeons out!
  • Electric Gate: After submitting your livestock barn project form you will be given a combo to the gate. Please do not share the gate code with others. If the gate is broken for any reason please call the office or text Emily – 817-995-0765. Many times someone un-pins the gate and no one calls to tell us – many times this is just a battery issue but we can’t fix it if we aren’t notified that it is broken.



Please complete the Livestock Project Barn Form below:

Livestock Request Form

Form to be used by Val Verde County 4-H’ers requesting assistance by the Extension Ag Agent in acquiring livestock projects.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 6.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 6.

Pens will be assigned 1st come 1st serve – Families that housed at the livestock barn last year can submit their form by July 15, 2020 to get their same pen(s). Please remember that changes and modifications to pen assignments can be made at any time due to space.


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