• Forage Quality Photo GuidePhotos and discussion of the relationship between forage quality and the physical appearance of feces of grazing cattle.
  • Nitrate and Prussic Acid PoisoningTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication with a review of nitrate and prussic acid poisoning in livestock. Examines toxicities, symptoms, and prevention.
  • Plant Variety Protection ActIn this publication, an explanation of the legal and practical aspects of the Plant Variety Protection Act will be discussed.
  • Texas Alfalfa Production-Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which discusses how alfalfa grows, pre-plant considerations, planting and stand establishment, fertilization, irrigation, pest management, and harvesting.
  • Understanding Forage Intake In Range AnimalsTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication discussing factors which influence forage intake in a range environment.
  • What About HayThis publication contains information on Hay and animals.

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