A Key To Common Caterpillar Pests Of VegetablesTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication which identifies & describes (includes photos) common caterpillar pests of vegetables.

Bacterial Spot Of Pepper & TomatoAlabama Extension publication discussing symptoms, disease cycle, and control of this common disease.

Easy Gardening-CucumbersTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication which discusses soil preparation, varieties, planting, fertilization, and management of cucumbers in the home garden.

Harmful Non-native Aquatic Plants in TexasPublication by Texas AgriLife Extension Service discussing soil preparation, variety selection, transplanting, and management of tomatoes.

Preserving Tomato ProductsPublication from Clemson University discussing preserving tomatoes into Juice – Salsa – Sauces – or Tomatoes with Okra.

Preserving Tomato Sauces and KetchupPublication from Clemson University discussing canning tomatoes, acidifying, and making ketchup.

Protecting Landscapes from White-tailed Deer Damage-Summary of methods for repelling deer and list of plants undesirable to deer.

Recommended Vegetable Cultivars For West TexasList of recommended garden varieties for west Texas.

Vegetable & Herb Disease Control Products For TX-Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which lists and discusses products labeled for the control of vegetable & herb diseases.

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