Deer In The Urban Landscape– Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which lists deer “resistant” plants for the home landscape.

Lawn Fertilization FAQ– Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication offering a 10-point checklist for fertilization of warm-season grass lawns in Texas.

Lawn Fertilization For Texas Warm-Season Grasses– Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication answering frequently asked questions about fertilization of warm-season grass lawns in Texas.

Mowing Height and Frequency For Turf– Publication discussing and illustrating mowing height and frequency for various turf grasses.

Phosphorus-Too Much & Plants May SufferTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication which discusses the effects of using excessive phosphorus in lawn fertilization.

Sprayer Calibration Spreader CalibrationTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication which provides details on the calibration of sprayers.

Thatch Management For Home LawnsTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication discussing the causes and effects of thatch in home lawns.

The Do’s and Don’ts (and Why’s) of FertilizationFertilization recommendations as well as do’s and don’ts by Dr. James McAfee, Texas Cooperative Extension Turf-grass Specialist.

Tips For Calculating Surface AreaFact sheet with quick steps for calculating surface area of lawns, landscapes, etc.

Transplanting Native PlantsPublication on tips and techniques for transplanting native plants

Turfgrass EstablishmentPublication discussing factors to consider when establishing a new lawn.

Turfgrass MathematicsFormulas to use for proper application of herbicides, pesticides, and other applications in lawns and gardens.

Winter Weed ControlArticle from Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s “Turf Tips”. Provides details on pre-emergent herbicide applications and a list of products.

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