Ball MossBall moss is an epiphyte that “grows” on trees. This Extension publication discussing ball moss and its control.

Comparing Formula Methods of Tree AppraisalArticle from the Journal of Arboriculture by Gary Watson which discusses the various methods of appraising the value of trees.

Estimation of Pecan Tree ValuePublication by Alabama Research Horticulturist which discusses the means to estimate the value of a pecan tree.

Evaluation of Texas Shade TreesPublication by Texas Extension Forestry Specialist, Alan D. Dreesen, discussing the process for evaluating the value of shade trees.

How Much Is A Pecan Tree WorthTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication discussing the process for assessing the value of a pecan tree.

How to Identify and Manage Oak Wilt in TexasPublication from Texas Forest Service discussing the management of oak wilt in Texas.

Site Preparation For Fruit Tree PlantingTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication on tips for tree planting preparation.

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