Working on Wellness

The working on wellness program will help you learn and adopt behaviors that can positively impact your health and wellness. The working on wellness provides you guidance to 5 simple wellness activities that even the busiest people can find time to fit into their schedule.

September 10 – October 15th
Hosted on The:
Working on Wellness Facebook Group

Participants who complete weekly challenges will be eligible for giveaways!

Week 1 Challenge

Walk Across Texas – Get 10,000 Steps 2x a Week

Week 2 Challenge

Eat your Veggies – Eat 2.5 cups of vegetables 2x this week & make 1 cup a dark green leafy vegetables

Week 3 Challenge

Get Water Logged – Drink your recommended amount of water 2x this week

Week 4 Challenge

Get Strong Be Strong – Incorporate 1 day of strength training into your week

Week 5 Challenge

Stimulate your Brain – Spend 20 minutes on a mind stimulating activity 2x this week

Week 6 Challenge

Make a Habit  Complete all the weekly challenges this week and make it a habit



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