Animal Health

  • Acidosis-This is a Health Publication with information on acidosis (aka grain overload, founder).
  • Animal Management During Emergencies Disasters-This publication explains how communities and counties can incorporate animal issues into their emergency management plans. Explains local plans, role of county Extension agents, and how animal management plans can best be used.
  • Anthrax-This publication describes anthrax symptoms in livestock, deer and people, and explains how a diagnosis is made. There is important information about prevention, control, and what to do if a case of anthrax is suspected.
  • Coccidiosis-Health Related Publication on Coccidiosis.
  • Copper Toxicity-This Publication contains information on copper toxicity in sheep.
  • Handling Farm Animal Safely-Publication from Agri-Food Canada which discusses facilities, equipment, and practices for safely handling farm animals.
  • Internal Parasite Control-Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication on management tips for internal parasite control in sheep and goats.
  • Monitor Parasites in Ruminants-Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication on monitoring internal parasite infection in small ruminants.
  • Use of Preventive and Therapeutic Drugs in Market Animals-Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which discusses the use of preventive and therapeutic medicines for disease management in show market livestock and poultry.
  • Proper Use of Drugs and Chemicals in Market Animals-Texas AgriLife Extension Service publication which discusses the distribution and usage of veterinary drugs to prevent adulteration of the food supply with illegal drug residues through drug misuse in food producing animals.
  • Recognizing & Managing Common Health Problems of Beef Cattle-This publication explains common problems found in beef cattle, their probable causes, and suggested corrective and preventive measures.
  • Rectal Prolapse in Lambs-Publication discussing symptoms and treatment options for rectal prolapse in sheep.
  • Scrapie in SheepTexas AgriLife Extension Service publication discussing symptoms, incubation, and control of Scrapie in sheep.

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